Excellent education

As students transition to the Upper School, we continue to partner with families to prepare young adults for life after Trinity. Every child deserves an excellent education. At TCA, education surpasses the basics of knowledge; it embodies the truth, hope, and wisdom of God. TCA students receive an excellent education that helps equip them to grow into all that God has for each step of their lives.

Standardized testing at TCA

Beginning in 3rd grade, TCA students test through ASPIRE, which aligns with the fundamental academic areas of Mathematics, Science, Reading, and English. The ASPIRE provides longitudinal tracking of student growth and is built upon the structure and rigor of the ACT. TCA high school students also take the pSAT, the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test.

TCA students are academically strong and competitive. The class of 2017’s ACT top quintile average is 29, with the entire class of all learners averaging 24. Eleven out of 62 students scored over 30 on the ACT and the class earned over $6 million dollars in scholarships.

Preparation to change the world

Godly leaders in our homes, churches and communities

Each child is uniquely created and gifted by God. We expect our students to succeed in life after their formal education is over, and so we teach and encourage students to recognize and grow into their callings. We believe in true Christian education: taking all knowledge learned in the classroom and combining it with God’s call.

Training champions

Perfection is not the goal for TCA students. We recognize that each student is on a personal spiritual journey, and that perfection is simply impossible. A true champion for Christ is one who loves and serves the Lord with all their heart, all their mind, and all their soul. Our prayer for each of our students is that their roots in God will grow strong so they may stand firm in their faith at Trinity and beyond. Our graduates champion a broad spectrum of careers including ministry, healthcare, business, education, information technology, science, law, engineering, and so much more – all while proclaiming the name of Christ. We believe the spiritual foundation our students acquire during their time at Trinity helps prepare them for a lifetime of success beyond money and recognition; instead, a lifetime of success that meaningfully serves others and benefits the world as representatives of Christ.

Christian Discipleship

Ministry opportunities

TCA students are provided ample opportunities to serve and minister to others. Throughout various school opportunities, many TCA students give of their time and resources to show the love of Christ in the Jackson community and far beyond. We have been blessed to partner with local ministries and organizations, serve communities in other parts of the United States, and volunteer and serve in various parts of the world.

As a Christ-centered school, we seek to partner with families and churches to inspire our students to love and minister to others as representatives of Christ. Our goal is that students grow to independently desire to serve and help others, without any expectation in return.

All TCA students complete a minimum of 20 community service hours per high school year. Mission trip opportunities are offered through the school, and students are encouraged to pursue mission opportunities through their local churches and local ministries.

Dedicated ministry team

TCA students have their own dedicated ministry team. Alongside the Director of Student Ministries, a team of teachers works to be intentional about student discipleship. With the addition of this team, we are able to design and create ongoing opportunities for spiritual growth.

Harbor Groups

Harbor Groups are small groups led by teachers for the purpose of mentoring and discipleship. These groups give each student a contact person and accountability partners who are able to mentor, guide, and better equip each student. They also build a stronger community within our middle and high school.

Biblical integration

TCA’s curriculum is taught from a Biblical worldview with the goal of genuine and meaningful learning as a priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

For graduation from TCA, 27 credits and a minimum of 80 hours of community service are required. Credit requirements can be found here.


A 100-93
B 92-85
C 84-75
D 74-70
F Below 69

A TCA High School diploma requires 27 credits and completion of required community service hours. This is above the requirements of the State of Tennessee.

To graduate with Honors, a student must also have a 3.25 GPA and 5 honors credits (all semester grades must be a “C” or higher).

To graduate with Honors with Distinction, a student must also have a 3.75 and 8 honors credits (all semester grades must be a “C” or higher).

To view more details on diploma requirements, click here.

Our students are required to complete at least 80 hours of community service to be eligible for graduation.