Enrolling at TCA

Once you have successfully completed the Admissions process, you should receive the following instructions on how to enroll your child at TCA.
To complete our online enrollment process, follow the instructions below:

1. Click here to enroll/re-enroll your child

2. Type in your Username and Password

3. Select Family Information and then Enrollment/Re-enrollment

4. Start your packet

5. Receive all GREEN CHECK MARKS

6. Submit your packet and pay the enrollment fee

If you do not currently have a ParentsWeb account, please follow the next steps to create your account.

Creating a ParentsWeb Account

1.  Click here to create a ParentsWeb account.

2. Click “Create New ParentsWeb Account” located beneath the username and password information.

3. Enter TR-TN into the District Code field.

4. Enter in the parent’s email address.

5. Click the Create Account button.

6. You will receive an email from RenWeb Customer Support containing a link that will allow you to create your username and password.  For security purposes the link will remain active for 6 hours.

7. Please click on the link.  A Change/Create Password screen will open.  You may use the default username provided, or create a new username.  Then type in your desired password into the Password field and Confirm Field.

8. Click on the Save Username and/or Password button.

9. Close the window.

10. Log into ParentsWeb using your new username/password.

11. Follow the enrollment/re-enrollment instructions listed above.


The online process should take less than 30 minutes to complete per child.  Your information will be saved if you need to quit and come back later.

The Instructions and Resources page of the enrollment packet contains supplemental enrollment forms that also must be submitted. Further instructions on these forms are provided online.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact 731-668-8500 or email leila.rookstool@mytcalions.com.