We are so excited God may be calling your family here to Trinity Christian Academy. We recognize the financial sacrifice of investing in a private, Christian education for your children and we are here to partner with you as you prayerfully consider this decision.

Not only can families qualify for a number of discounts, but they can also take advantage of our Financial Aid program which awards up to 20% off in tuition costs for qualifying K-12 students. Scroll to the bottom to find out more information on eligible discounts and financial aid.

Our tuition for the 2018-2019 Academic Year has been set as follows:

Infant Program $725 10 or 12 months
Toddler Program $725 10 or 12 months


Little Lions 2 Day $3,985 $372.28
Little Lions 3 Day $5,555 $515.00
Little Lions 5 Day $7,430 $685.46
Pre-K 3 Day $5,555 $515.00
Pre-K 5 Day $7,430 $685.46
Kindergarten $7,795 $718.64
First Grade $8,315 $765.91
Second Grade $8,445 $777.73
Third-Fifth Grades $8,560 $788.18
Sixth-Eighth Grades $8,940 $822.73
Ninth-Eleventh Grades $9,640 $886.36
Twelfth Grade $9,975 $916.82


REACH $3,575 $63
REACH +1 $4,750 $84
REACH +2 $5,725 $101
REACH +3 $6,525 $115
REACH +4-5 $7,150 $126

Class fees will be collected through FACTS according to the tuition plan selected. If monthly payments are selected, most fees will be collected September through November. Class Fees that are $50 or less will be collected in full with the September tuition payment.  All class fees are due at time of enrollment after November.

Elementary Class Fees
Middle School Class Fees
High School Class Fees

TCA, like all independent schools, must take the position that no refund of tuition paid, or cancellation of tuition due, can be made in the event of absence, withdrawal or dismissal of the student. The Tuition Refund Plan is required of all families who opt for the monthly payment plan.  It is not required, but strongly recommended for families choosing one-time pay. The Tuition Refund Plan provides families with contractual protection in the event the family leaves the school before year end.

The plan pays 75% of the unused tuition fee for withdrawals other than medical for any student who has attended TCA more than fourteen (14) consecutive calendar days. The family is responsible for 25% of the unused portion of tuition at the time of withdrawal. TCA will make a claim on behalf of the families with TRP and collect any payment due, crediting the account of the family with any amounts owed to TCA, and paying the excess, if any, to the family. A family only receives TCA discounts (financial aid, multi-child, pastors, etc.) on the used portion of the tuition.

Through our partnership with FACTS Management, a division of Nelnet, Inc., we are able to make quality education affordable for families and students. Our Grant & Aid Assessment service allows us to award financial aid with confidence to families who truly need it.

Financial aid is offered to K-12 students. Limited funds are available for families who qualify, on a first come first serve basis. FACTS reviews financial information submitted and makes a recommendation to TCA. Our Financial Aid Committee then reviews the application and FACTS recommendation and makes a determination for each family applying for financial aid.

Families can qualify for up to 20% discount on tuition through our Grant & Aid Assessment service. Applications for financial aid can be submitted before the student applies to Trinity Christian Academy. This equips potential families with full information regarding tuition before they are required to submit an application fee to the school.

Please note: Due to TCA’s class of membership in TSSAA Division I, no high school student-athlete or immediate family member(s) may receive financial aid and play sports. Students may receive financial aid and participate as a cheerleader. However, these regulations are set to change for the 2019-20 school year as we will be moving into TSSAA Division II.


Click here to submit an application for financial aid.

TCA contracts with FACTS, a leading independent school, tuition-management company, for the billing and collection of tuition by convenient automatic payments from checking, savings accounts or by credit card.

New TCA students: If tuition payments begin after June due to timing of enrollment, monthly payment amounts will increase to reflect the shorter payment period and a greater percentage of payments for the first three to four months.

TCA families choosing to pay monthly tuition will incur a small per month convenience fee per student. This convenience fee is included in the monthly breakdown listed above.

Aside from Financial Aid, Trinity offers the following discounts to eligible families:

Multi-Child Discount:

Second Child – $150 off total tuition cost
Third Child – $750 off total tuition cost
Fourth Child and Up – $2000 off total tuition cost
Please note: Discounts are prorated for 2- and 3-day programs.

Referral Incentive Program:

Refer a new Little Lion – through 5th grade student and earn $500 off tuition. Click here to learn more.

Pastoral Discount:

Pastors can earn $1250 off total tuition cost. Click here to fill out our Pastoral Discount Form.

Employee Discount:

Full Time faculty and staff members receive a 35% discount on tuition. After 5 years, employees are eligible for a 40% discount on tuition.