Trinity Christian Academy is governed by a Board of Trustees with the primary function of acting as the guardian of the mission of the school, to develop the major institutional governance policies, to hire and evaluate the Head of School as its single employee, and to be responsible for the institutional welfare, financial viability, and stability of the school.

The Board appoints out of its membership such standing committees and other ad hoc committees as it may deem necessary for the performance of its duties. No more than one half of the Board shall be members of the same denomination at any time.

The Board is self-perpetuating, with a systematic Board-appointed nomination and election process in place to fill vacancies resulting from the expiration of terms. The executive leadership of the school is the responsibility of the Head of School.

My wife and I attended public schools growing up and met at a large public university, so we had no experience with Christian education. We visited TCA in 2005 with our son then because it was close to our home, and we were in love with the idea that our kids could attend K-12 within 2 miles of where we live. We have grown to see the value in Christian education since that visit and are so thankful the Lord placed us here. Like so many of our families, we are a dual working family with busy lifestyles when it comes to work and kids. It is such a reassuring blessing to know that not only are our kids getting to know the Lord through our Church and in our home, but also daily through TCA. We believe TCA’s biggest asset is their teachers and staff and have been so pleased with the blessing they have been to our family. 

Being called to serve on TCA’s Board of Trustees in 2016 has been one of the most rewarding areas of service that I have ever been called to do. It is an honor to serve beside some of the godliest men and women I have ever been a part of. Faithful prayer has played a vital role in TCA’s 35 year history and is still regarded as our guiding light today. You can rest assured that you have a praying Board and that your children and staff are being prayed for daily. We have seen God bless us so well from our humble roots in Westover to our beautiful campus we enjoy today. As we are finishing up a 1,000-Day Plan where we have focused on 1) communication, 2) serving as a light in our community, 3) remaining mission focused, 4) embracing innovation, 5) benchmarking teacher salaries, and 6) telling our story, we are pleased with our progress, but know there is more to do in these areas to increase our value to our families and community. 

As a Board, we often reference TCA as part of a 3-legged stool discipleship model to our new families. Christian families, their churches, and TCA as the Christian school are the three “legs” of the stool, with Christ as its center and foundation. Partnering with your family and Church, TCA is committed to “Train Young Champions for Christ.”  As we have a senior in college and a senior at TCA this year, my family is a testimony to the blessing a TCA partnership and education can be. We look forward to walking alongside your family if you so choose.


Serving Him,

Herron Yarbrough

TCA Board of Trustees President 2021/2022


  • Herron Yarbrough(President)
  • Chad Wilson(Vice President)
  • Justin Miller
  • Brian Walker
  • Monte Cooper
  • Micheal Page
  • Nathan Plunk
  • Clay Crockett
  • Bo Lawrence
  • Erica Mauldin
  • Meg Nethery
  • Drew Yates


TCA has passed the halfway point of its strategic 1000 Day Plan! We are excited to continually strive for excellence in all things TCA.



  • Brad Anderson
  • Jeff Becker
  • Charles Byrd
  • John Campbell
  • Becky Chaplin
  • Carl Chaplin
  • John Cole
  • Jim Crenshaw
  • Jim Diffee
  • James Dusenberry
  • JD Favara
  • Grady Flack
  • Bob Freese
  • Sam Gregory
  • Aaron Grissom
  • Kelly Harris
  • Earl Henning
  • Mike Hewitt
  • Ron Hill
  • Mary Hubbard
  • Tom Hubbard
  • Kim Johnson
  • Scott Lackey
  • Mark Lane
  • Steve Vos
  • John Williams
  • Ford Williams
  • Bo Lawrence
  • Frank Lawrence
  • Mark Layne
  • Gary Lockhart
  • Vincent Matlock
  • Clay McCormack
  • Pat McGrath
  • Larry Murphy
  • Nancy Nanney
  • Carla Nichols
  • James Page
  • Houston Payne
  • Pepper Pratt
  • Paul Priddy
  • Neal Rager
  • Judy Rice
  • Tommy Rice
  • Jeremy Ross
  • Tim Smith
  • Jim Strait
  • Tony Taylor
  • Fran Thomas
  • Roger Ulselton
  • Bill Williamson
  • Tim Wilson
  • JD Favara
  • Will Weddington
  • Bart Walls
  • Matt West