Challenging students to formulate solutions to problems on an advanced level

TCA recognizes that some students are advanced and gifted learners who are able to perform at high academic and creative levels.

LEAP (Learning Enriched Academic Program) is for 3rd grade through 5th grade students with advanced cognitive and creative needs and abilities. The focus of this program is to enhance higher order thinking skills, problem-solving, critical and creative thinking, research skills, and creative writing. LEAP is designed to challenge students to “think outside the box” as well as formulate solutions to problems on an advanced level. Qualifying students attend two enrichment classes per week.

Criteria for LEAP

Teacher Referral

At the end of each year, teachers will fill out a referral for students in their room that demonstrate a need for advanced level activities and instruction.

Areas that are considered by the teacher for referring students are: reading at an advanced level, behaving responsibly, managing time well, demonstrating an interest in many topics, maintaing exceptional grades, etc.


Cumulative grades for the year are checked. Only As and Bs are considered for acceptance. A cumulative grade of A receives more points than a B would receive.

Standardized Testing Scores

The composite score from the major subject areas and total scores from science and social studies are considered from the last two years test. Only scores in the 90th percentile or higher are scored. The higher the percentile, the more points the score receives. Ex: 90% in reading would not receive as many points as a 98% would receive on the matrix.


After all of this information is gathered, weighted points are assigned to each area and totaled.  The students with the highest points in each grade level are selected for LEAP based on their performance in all areas.

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