Helping students with learning differences succeed academically

About the REACH program

Trinity Christian Academy has a long standing tradition of working to meet the needs of students with learning challenges and disabilities. For more than 10 years, the REACH(Resources Empowering All Children) program has worked with individuals and small groups of students to equip them with the tools needed to not only succeed academically, but to embrace the person God designed them to be.  Once a student becomes a part of the program, a REACH teacher becomes that student’s in-house advocate in every aspect of their TCA experience.  From academic recommendations to support outside the classroom, REACH is there to make certain the student is supported wherever needed.

The REACH program at Trinity Christian Academy provides individualized instruction for students who have been professionally identified with a learning or medical disability. REACH is a resource program that creates and facilitates an environment for more personalized learning to help each student better achieve academic success. There is a close collaboration between REACH teachers, classroom teachers, and parents. As a team, a plan is developed to help each student grow academically, emotionally, and spiritually into the person God designed him or her to be.

REACH Levels of Support

Students receive accommodations that support the work done in the classroom based on their individual needs.  In the first level of support, students receive classroom accommodations and/or modifications.  These accommodations may include, but are not limited to: extended time, test read aloud, alternate test format, skeletal notes, and use of technology to help meet the individual student’s needs.  REACH students also attend regular Learning Labs in small study groups. 


The REACH PLUS level allows a student to take a replacement class for a subject or subjects if the Family Education Plan Team determines the individual’s need is greater than the regular accommodations can meet. These classes are self-contained, have small student/teacher ratio, and are individualized according to the student’s specific areas of need.

Goals of the program

The goal of the TCA REACH program is to provide additional, individualized instruction for students with learning or medical disabilities and equip them for academic success in the classroom.


Frequently Asked Questions

REACH tuition begins at approximately $3,650 per year. The cost will vary depending upon the REACH level. You can view more information on our tuition page



Process for a Referral:

1. Parent and/or teacher has a concern about a child’s learning skills in a particular area and discusses these concerns together including ideas about interventions at home and school to help the student.

2. A variety of interventions are used in the classroom to differentiate instruction for the student to improve their learning. A plan of support is also implemented at home.

3. If the student continues to be academically at risk, the teacher and parent discuss their concerns with the principal to decide if further evaluation is recommended. A psychological/academic assessment is required before a REACH referral is started.

4. Students diagnosed with mild learning, attention, or physical disability can be referred to the REACH Program (Resources Empowering All Children). A meeting will be held to discuss the test results and develop the Family Education Plan (FEP) with the REACH team. The REACH team shall include – parent(s), classroom teacher(s), diagnostician (or report from professional), REACH teacher, and the area principal.

“REACH is an amazingly wonderful opportunity and blessing at Trinity. With the REACH teams’ love and help, our grandson is a happy and confident boy who now loves to learn, is proud of himself and what he can do, and feels good about himself. We thank the Lord and praise Him daily for REACH and all its teachers!” – M. Foust

“REACH was such a blessing to our family. All the teachers were like second moms to our son. They instilled a belief in our son that he is intelligent and that God has a plan and a purpose for his challenge.” – B. & T. Taylor

“The REACH program at TCA provided a safe and encouraging environment for our daughter while progressing at a pace in line with her grade level. The teachers took time to get to know her and build her self-esteem. Her unique needs were identified so a learning structure could be applied that challenged her, while at the same time, ensured proficiency before progressing. The REACH program has not only been a blessing for our daughter, but also to us as parents. We knew that her success was not just a priority for us, but to each one of the loving teachers in this program.” – M. & T. Oliphant