Providing opportunities for students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) in the areas of academic growth, life skills, and social opportunities

About the RISE program

This program is designed to provide an inclusive Christian education to students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). The focus of RISE (Raising Independence and Success in Exceptional learners) is to teach students with Down syndrome in the core subjects of reading and math at their individual ability levels, while also providing inclusive opportunities during other subjects, auxiliaries, chapel, and discipleship. The RISE program provides an opportunity for students with IDD to experience academic growth, life skills, and social opportunities in a safe, loving, and Christian environment.

  • Individualized Goals 
  • Rigorous Pull-out Reading and Math Instruction
  • Modified Classroom Lessons – as needed
  • Technology Blended Instruction
  • Integrated Life Skill Opportunities
  • JMCSS Speech and Language Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility for the RISE program is determined based on the various components listed below:

  • Initial family tour – includes interview with RISE teachers/administrator
  • Application submission for TCA
  • Completion of the RISE application which includes:
    • RISE application fee
    • Minimum of 2 recommendations from previous teachers/therapist/tutor (cannot be a family member)
    • Copies of current and past individual education plan, service plan, etc. 
    • Copies of previous transcripts/academic records if applicable
    • Current medical examination report within the last year
    • Psychoeducational evaluation (within 3 years)
    • Academic evaluation required for grades 5 – 12
    • Permission to observe student in current environment to evaluate social/developmental/behavioral components
    • Student work samples
    • Participation in a Student Day Visit where the student will participate in some of the daily activities in the typical classroom
    • Final Admission Decision

Students in the RISE program are expected to follow all TCA policies found in the Student Handbook.  

Although we do have a licensed nurse on staff, students’ medical needs will be taken into consideration for program acceptance. We also suggest that the student be able to manage age-appropriate toileting and personal hygiene.  Behaviors must not include major risk factors (self-harm, elopement, aggression toward others, excessive or inappropriate language, etc.).

Students in the RISE program will be expected to participate in whole group discussions and will complete the modified work assigned to them with or without the help of the RISE teacher.

Parents of students in the RISE program are expected to participate in classroom activities when it is appropriate and attend any field trips unless deemed unnecessary at the time.  Parents are also expected to maintain consistent communication with the RISE teacher which includes two meetings to determine goals for the year.

  • 1:2-4 (Dependent on grade-levels)