High School Softball

Trinity Christian Academy softball will provide a place where the players can learn to be Christian student athletes. TCA softball has been very successful in years past and will continue to play at a high level while maintaining Christian values, with the hope that during competition we can be a witness to those that are in need. We see the softball diamond as our mission field. Trinity Softball is dedicated to the principles of teamwork, sportsmanship, friendship, leadership and citizenship. We strive to maintain “greatness” in this program and we use God’s word on how to do this, Mark 10:43 says to be a servant to all. Coaches, players and parents are to live by these principles both on and off the field.

High School Lady Lions Softball is coached by Robert Craft.

2023 HS Softball Schedule

High School Softball Athletic Achievements:

  • 2017-2018 Softball Regular Season District #1 Seed