Here is what some of our parents, grandparents and alumni have to say about their Trinity experience.


“When you walk the halls of Trinity Christian Academy, you see Christian values weaved into every aspect of the students’ learning. The art work and projects that decorate the walls reflect it and the smiles on their faces reflect it. My preschool student is confident and full of joy and song each day after school. She learned as a two year old in Little Lions that God created her and that she is loved by Him. We have also felt very loved by her teachers and the other staff at TCA. Trinity has the Christian environment of love and learning that you want for your child.”

Nacole Bradley, TCA Parent

“We thought looking for the right school and choosing the best one for our little boy was going to be an overwhelming experience. We didn’t know anybody and wanted to make sure of two things: First and most important, that we had a school which had a strong Christian base and would team up with us, as we raise our son. Second, a challenging academic environment for our son to grow up to his best potential. Since the day we toured the academy until the day we got accepted, the process was flawless, easy and every time we met with somebody there, it just reassured us that we had selected the right place for our son to grow up to be a Christian young man of God.”

Monica Lopez-Hagen, TCA Parent

“My experience at TCA simply revolved around relationships with classmates, teachers, and coaches. While I was in an environment that would challenge me academically, I am incredibly thankful for those who challenged me through various lessons. I credit those who took time to teach, invest, and speak truth into my life, for I would not be the person I am without them.”

Alex Northcut, TCA Alumni

“As parents of three K-12 graduates and grandparents of five current students, we have been immensely blessed by our involvement at TCA. In a world of increased secularization, we are grateful to know our grandchildren are in a school culture that nurtures their spiritual growth. The spiritual investment by teachers and staff has been a crucial part of the development of my family’s worldview. I already see evidence of this in my grandchildren’s lives. This is what sets Trinity apart. As much as we loved the excellent academics, sports, and other programs, the cultivation of the love for Christ was paramount.”

Amy Lawrence, TCA Parent and Grandparent

“I transferred to TCA during high school and I truly got to see how unique and wonderful this place is! I thrived here! The teachers and staff cared so much about my success AND my heart and soul. Academically, I found encouragement in the areas where I was gifted, and support in the areas where I needed improvement. We are now Trinity parents and we are so thankful that our son is getting the same Christian education experience. The staff at TCA is amazing! Our son loves coming to school and we see him growing and thriving academically and spiritually. It takes a village to raise a great kid! For us, Trinity is a trustworthy village!”

Paige McCormick, TCA Parent and Class of 2002

“My years as a student at Trinity are absolutely invaluable to me. The friendships I made have ended up being lifelong – I still maintain close friendships with many high school classmates. I will never forget the way the teachers and staff encouraged me through many trials and celebrations in my life while I attended Trinity. The mentorship my teachers developed with my husband, Andy, and I helped create a wonderful foundation for our marriage and the way we are raising our children. I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to attend TCA and will always reflect back on that time as some of the best years of my life.”

Tiffany McIntire Harris, Class of 2003