2021 – 2022 Tuition

Pre-K – 12th Grade Tuition

Pre-K 3 Day $6,075
Pre-K 5 Day $8,135
Kindergarten $8,275
First Grade $8,830
Second Grade $9,125
Third – Fifth Grade $9,375
Sixth – Eighth Grade $9,845
Ninth – Twelfth Grade $10,500

Little Lions

Option 1: 7:30-3:15 (Does not include Holiday & After School Care)
Option 2: 7:30-5:30 (Includes Holiday & After School Care)

AGE Option 1 Option 2
Infants and Toddlers $755/month $855/month
Twos and Threes (2 Day) $430/month
Twos and Threes (3 Day) $595/month
Twos and Threes (5 Day) $780/month $880/month

* Little Lion students can enroll in a 10 or 12 month pay plan.


REACH tuition is in addition to regular tuition.

REACH Only $3,655
Plus One $4,855*
Plus Two $5,850*
Plus Three $6,630*
Plus Four $7,265*

*Includes REACH, Learning Lab, and the pull-out class(es).


TCA Bylaws, Management Limitations, Policy 2.5:  The Head of School will not allow budgeting that increases tuition and fee rates more than an average of 7% and less than an average of 3% in one fiscal year.


Tuition Resources

1-Pay Plan: Full payment is due by June 16.

12-Pay Plan: Payable in 12 installments with the first payment due in June. There is a 3.4% installment payment fee (Infants/Toddlers excluded) that includes the required tuition insurance for monthly tuition pay. Fee of $50 drafted by FACTS; responsible party can choose to pay the Tuition on the 5th or 16th of each month.

Little Lions 10-Pay Plan: Payable in 10 installments with the first payment due in August. There is a 3.4% installment payment fee (Infants/Toddlers excluded) that includes the required tuition insurance for monthly tuition pay. Fee of $50 drafted by FACTS; responsible party can choose to pay the Tuition on the 5th or 16th of each month.

Early Ed Security and Supply Fee

Infants through threes pay an annual $125 fee for costs associated with security and supplies.

Educational Enhancement Fee

All Pre-K through 12th grade students pay a fee of $400 per year (max $1,000 per family) for costs associated with: campus security, technology (management, infrastructure and advancement) and student activities.

Class Fees

If monthly payments are selected, class fees will be added to monthly tuition payments beginning in September. If one-time pay is selected, class fees will be billed in the month of September.

*The fees listed above are collected according to the tuition plan selected.

Lower School Class Fees 2021-2022
Upper School Class Fees 2021-2022

Athletic Participation Fee

All Upper School (grades 6-12) athletes pay an annual $100 athletic participation fee which helps to offset costs for TCA’s athletic facilities and programming. This one-time fee is collected in the month of April.

Providing the resources to help make Christian Education accessible is a priority at TCA. We offer need-based financial aid for students in grades PK – 12 to qualifying families who desire a rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum taught with a transformational biblical worldview. Financial need is determined by FACTS, a third party vendor. We are here to help you through this process.
• No student is given financial aid for academic or athletic ability. TCA does not provide merit scholarships of any kind.
• The average financial aid is not intended to cover the total tuition costs. The family is responsible for payment of tuition and fees above the aid amount.
• Parents must reapply each year for financial aid.
• Families must be in good financial standing with the Business Office to be eligible for financial aid.

Click here to apply for Financial Aid.
• Prospective students must submit a TCA application in order for the financial aid application to be considered by the TCA Financial Aid Committee.
• March 15 –Deadline for current TCA families to apply for 2021-2022 Priority Financial Aid.
• Current families who complete financial aid applications after March 15th will be evaluated in July with remaining aid; fund availability is not guaranteed.
• Required Supporting Documents for both parents/guardians: 2019 IRS Form 1040 or equivalent and all supporting tax schedules; 2020 FORM W-2 for both parents; and supporting documentation for Social Security income, welfare payments, child support payments, food stamps, workers’ compensation payments, and Temporary Assistance to Needy Family (TANF) payments. Additional documentation is required if you own a business or farm.
• Applications are not considered complete until all the required supporting documents have been uploaded to FACTS. After FACTS receives all documents, their verification process takes approximately 14 days. For current TCA families, it would be best to upload all documents by March 1 to meet the March 15 deadline.
• FACTS Parent Help Line 1-866-441-4637.
• Once all documents have been submitted, FACTS will notify TCA of the amount of qualified need toward the total tuition bill (of all students) for the family.
• The Finance Committee reviews FACTS recommendations and an assistance amount is determined based on qualified need and the budgeted amount of assistance dollars available.

Any questions regarding the financial aid application process can be directed to Kristy Layman at 731-410-8068 or kristy.layman@mytcalions.com

Aside from Financial Aid, Trinity offers the following discounts to eligible families:

Multi-Child Discount
$200 total for 2 children, $750 total for 3 children, $2,000 total for 4 children, $2,500 total for 5 or more children

Pastor Discount
$1,250 off per child. Must submit form for approval.

Heritage Fund Alumni Discount

$200 Annually per TCA alumni family. Alumni is defined as a graduate of TCA.

Please note: Discounts are pro-rated for 2 and 3 day programs.


TCA, like all independent schools, must take the position that no refund of tuition paid, or cancellation of tuition due, can be made in the event of absence, withdrawal or dismissal of the student. The Tuition Refund Plan (TRP) is required of all families who opt for the monthly payment plan. This is included in the 3.4% monthly installment fee. For families choosing one-time pay, it is strongly recommended, but not required.

The plan pays 60% of the unused tuition fee for withdrawals for any student who has attended TCA more than fourteen consecutive calendar days. The family is responsible for 40% of the unused portion of tuition at the time of withdrawal. Please contact the Business Office at 731-668-8500 for more information.

TCA contracts with FACTS, a leading independent school, tuition-management company, for the billing and collection of tuition by convenient automatic payments from checking, savings accounts or by credit card.

New TCA students: If tuition payments begin after June due to timing of enrollment, monthly payment amounts will increase to reflect the shorter payment period.