We are so excited God may be calling your family here to Trinity Christian Academy. We recognize the financial sacrifice of investing in a private, Christian education for your children and we are here to partner with you as you prayerfully consider this decision.

Not only can families qualify for a number of discounts, but they can also take advantage of our Financial Aid program which helps to reduce tuition costs for qualifying PK-12 students. Scroll to the bottom to find out more information on eligible discounts and financial aid.

Our tuition for the 2019-2020 Academic Year has been set as follows:













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Little Lions

*Students can enroll on a 10 or 12 month basis. Tuition will not be charged in the months of June and July if 10 months is selected.

Option 1: 7:30-3:15 (Does not include Holiday Care & After School)
Option 2: 7:30-5:30 (Does include Holiday Care & After School)

AGE Option 1 Option 2
Infants and Toddlers $725/month $825/month
Twos and Threes (2 Day) $410/month
Twos and Threes (3 Day) $570/month
Twos and Threes (5 Day) $750/month $850/month

Pre-K – 12th Grade Tuition

Pre-K 3 Day $5,725
Pre-K 5 Day $7,675
Kindergarten $7,800
First Grade $8,320
Second Grade $8,600
Third – Fifth Grade $8,840
Sixth – Eighth Grade $9,275
Ninth – Eleventh Grade $9,875
Twelfth Grade $9,995

Payment Plan Options

1-Pay Plan: Full payment is due by June 17.
12-Pay Plan: Payable in 12 installments with the first payment due in June. There is a 3% installment payment fee that includes the required tuition insurance for monthly tuition pay.

REACH Program

REACH Only $3,595
Plus One $4,775*
Plus Two $5,775*
Plus Three $6,525*
Plus Four $7,150*

*Includes REACH, Learning Lab, and the pull-out class(es).

Early Ed Security and Supply Fee

Infants through threes pay an annual $100 fee for costs associated with security and supplies.

Educational Enhancement Fee

All Pre-K through 12th grade students pay a fee of $400 per year for costs associated with: campus security, technology (management, infrastructure and advancement) and student activities.

Class Fees

If monthly payments are selected, class fees will be added to monthly tuition payments beginning in September. If one-time pay is selected, class fees will be billed in the month of September.
Elementary Class Fees 2019-2020
Middle School Class Fees 2019-20
High School Class Fees 2019-20

*The fees listed above are collected according to the tuition plan selected.

Athletic Participation Fee

All Upper School (grades 6-12) athletes pay an annual $100 athletic participation fee which helps to offset costs for TCA’s athletic facilities and programming. This one-time fee is collected in the month of April.

TCA is pleased to provide Financial Aid for qualifying students K-12. Financial Aid applications are processed through a third-party vendor (FACTS) that makes recommendations to the school based on the calculated need of each family. Factors of consideration include income, debt, medical and other family circumstances.

Prospective students must first submit an enrollment application in order for the financial aid application to be considered by the TCA Financial Aid Committee.

Click here to submit an application for financial aid.

Aside from Financial Aid, Trinity offers the following discounts to eligible families:

Multi-Child Discount
$200 total for 2 children, $750 total for 3 children, $2,000 total for 4 children, $2,500 total for 5 or more children

Pastor Discount
$1,250 off per child. Must submit form for approval.

Please note: Discounts are pro-rated for 2 and 3 day programs.


TCA, like all independent schools, must take the position that no refund of tuition paid, or cancellation of tuition due, can be made in the event of absence, withdrawal or dismissal of the student. The Tuition Refund Plan is required of all families who opt for the monthly payment plan. This is included in the 3% monthly installment fee. It is not required, but strongly recommended for families choosing one-time pay. The Tuition Refund Plan provides families with contractual protection in the event the family leaves the school before year end.

The plan pays 75% of the unused tuition fee for withdrawals for any student who has attended TCA more than fourteen (14) consecutive calendar days. The family is responsible for 25% of the unused portion of tuition at the time of withdrawal. TCA will make a claim on behalf of the families with TRP and collect any payment due, crediting the account of the family with any amounts owed to TCA, and paying the excess, if any, to the family. A family only receives TCA discounts (financial aid, multi-child, pastors, etc.) on the used portion of the tuition.

TCA contracts with FACTS, a leading independent school, tuition-management company, for the billing and collection of tuition by convenient automatic payments from checking, savings accounts or by credit card.

New TCA students: If tuition payments begin after June due to timing of enrollment, monthly payment amounts will increase to reflect the shorter payment period.