Elementary Fine Arts

Recognizing that all good gifts come from our Heavenly Father and that each student is created in God’s image – a creative image, Trinity’s Fine Arts Department seeks to develop our students’ God-given talents through a variety of experiences.  These range from individual art projects and small group ensembles to large company productions.  Each experience seeks to develop the individual student as he/she participates in a project bigger than himself.  Participating in the fine arts is not about chasing accolades, creating a stellar work or art, or even a perfect performance, but rather it is about bringing students together to complete a puzzle – a puzzle where each piece is vital and intended to reflect the Lord’s creativity and generosity.

Elementary Fine Arts

ARTS AND CRAFTS – Students meet weekly to explore and create in an environment designed specifically for their age.  Artwork is displayed in various ways such as hallways or the Heritage banquet.

MUSIC – Students meet weekly to explore basic music concepts in a hands on and age appropriate way.  Moving to music, using puppets, playing with musical manipulatives, and playing singing games are just a few of the exciting ways students explore music.


  • Grandparent’s Day
  • Christmas Concert
  • Spring Concert

VISUAL ARTS PROGRAM – Students in Trinity Christian Academy’s Little Lions – Fifth Grade receive a discipline-based art curriculum that provides age appropriate art experiences. The visual arts are taught from a Biblical perspective. Students work with a variety of media. Basic concepts include art vocabulary, lives of artists, elements of art, color wheel principles, and imitating master works.

MUSIC – Music plays a very important role in the life of students at Trinity Christian Academy. Our goal is to glorify God by engendering in our students a love of music, an appreciation for beauty as expressed through music, and by developing the God-given talents of each student. The Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten years are exploration years in music. Students learn to sing simple songs and play small instruments such as rhythm sticks. Concepts taught include echoing melodies, keeping a steady beat, recognizing simple rhythms and moving with the music. During the 1st – 3rd grade years, students are developing their singing voices. They also learn how to read music. Concepts include the staff and key signatures. Students also learn the instruments of the orchestra. Hymn histories are included in the curriculum as well as stories of well-known composers. At the 4th and 5th grade level students use their knowledge of the staff and time signatures to play music on recorders. The curriculum is called Recorder Karate. With each new skill they learn, they play off songs in order to earn belts. Students continue to learn hymn histories and stories of famous composers.  Recently, the elementary fine arts program has grown to include a 5th grade band.

5TH GRADE BAND – Understanding that musical development helps students in all other academic areas, all 5th grade students will participate in a year of beginning band.  The band will meet twice weekly during the school day, allowing students to explore an instrument, increase his/her music reading skills, and participate in a large group band.

LION PRIDE CHOIR – Grades 3 – 5, meets twice weekly after school.

MUSICALS –4-5th grade musical for Christmas.