Middle School Fine Arts

Recognizing that all good gifts come from our Heavenly Father and that each student is created in God’s image – a creative image, Trinity’s Fine Arts Department seeks to develop our students’ God-given talents through a variety of experiences. These range from individual art projects and small group ensembles to large company productions. Each experience seeks to develop the individual student as he/she participates in a project bigger than himself. Participating in the fine arts is not about chasing accolades, creating a stellar work or art, or even a perfect performance, but rather it is about bringing students together to complete a puzzle – a puzzle where each piece is vital and intended to reflect the Lord’s creativity and generosity.

Middle School Fine Arts

God is the Creator of the universe; after He designed and created every part of nature around us, He designed us in His own image! Therefore, God had intended for humans to be creative beings as well. God is the supreme Artist! He has given each one of us creative and artistic talents and gifts; it is our responsibility to develop these gifts as much as possible and use them to glorify him. What is great about being a Christian and an artist is the fact that we know that God created the world around us. Whenever we portray the world in our artwork, we are honoring God. Art class enables us to realize and acknowledge the world around us, which God has created.

Our program is discipline-based, meaning that we focus on the four disciplines of art–art production, art history, aesthetics, and art criticism. Students will be exploring a variety of media. They will be exploring drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. Students in Middle School Art with get a basic understanding of the Elements of Art and the Principles of Art. Students will also learn about important artists and their influence on the world around us. Furthermore, students will be learning to take a closer look at the world God created and will be representing it through creative means.

All music classes meet during the school day as part of the auxiliary offerings.

6th Grade Band
7th – 8th Grade Band
Pep Band
6th Grade Choir
7th – 8th Grade Choir

Christmas Concert
Mission Outreach to greater Jackson community
Spring Concert
Jackson Choral Festival (depending on choir size and dates)

Treble Honor Choir – 6th grade
All Northwest Junior Honor Choir – 7th & 8th Grade
All West Band – 7th & 8th grade

(These special music offerings are AUDITION BASED and CO-CURRICULAR)

MS Theatre Class (7th & 8th)
6th-7th Fall Theatre Production
6th-12th Grade Musical