Strength and Conditioning


“To develop the whole student through a systematic training approach that will enhance nutritional, mental, and physical components.”

Program Overview

The Trinity Christian Academy Strength and Conditioning Program aims to assist each student in the development of their individual athletic potential and general fitness through a structured program that includes all aspects of physical development and injury prevention. Our strength and conditioning staff believes that a stronger athlete is not only a better athlete, but a healthier athlete. Our staff and facilities are made available to all students in the Middle and High School (6-12) and benefit both Male and Female Athletic Teams.


The High School Strength and Conditioning Curriculum is designed to fit the individual needs of each student. There are two track for students: Life Time Wellness (LTW) and Athletic Based Training (ABT). Participation in athletics helps determine the track of the student, but LTW students may also choose to participate in the ABT track. The curriculum at the High School level includes but is not limited to:

  • Strength and Power Training
  • Speed Development
  • Agility Training
  • Neuromuscular and Quick Movement Training
  • Flexibility and Mobility
  • Nutrition


The Strength and Conditioning Program incorporates technology on a daily basis with the use of TeamBuildr*. Each student’s workout program is loaded directly to their smart phones. This includes a daily readiness questionnaire that tracks each student’s sleep, nutrition, stress, hydration, and overall readiness for each day.

*TeamBuildr is an online strength and conditioning software platform developed by 2008 TCA graduate Hewitt Tomlin.