Psalm 118:23

The goal of the 2018-2019 Heritage Fund was set at $150,000.  The great news is that donations through the Heritage Fund exceeded this initial goal with a total of $255,752.00!  Of that amount, $101,300.00 in donations were designated by donors for the following areas: Financial Aid, Benevolence, Stem & Technology, Fine Arts, and Athletic Programs.  The remainder was generously donated to the Heritage Fund to be used in the areas of greatest need for the school.  To God be the glory!

We are thankful for a strong Trinity today, but are proactively planning for a strong Trinity for generations to come. We are excited to report that 100% of TCA’s Board members, faculty, staff, and administrators participated in this year’s Heritage Fund.  This participation has far more to do with the investment in the school and its mission than the actual dollar amount raised. Thank you to each of you who supported this year’s Heritage Fund. Every donation is a blessing will make a positive impact in the lives of students for years to come.

An Eternal Impact

Here’s how your Heritage Fund contributions are already making an impact in the lives of students…