A Heritage to Remember. . .

Thirty-three years ago, TCA opened its doors very humbly on Old Denmark Road in Jackson with about 50 students and teachers. Our mission to serve Christian families seeking a biblically directed and excellent education for their children remains priority. The “Three-Legged Stool” of home, church, and school all working together to grow and train our children in the faith is a long-time model for Christian education and remains a model for TCA. Training a child is a combined effort. Each leg must be strong or the chair is at risk of failing.

A Heritage to Continue. . .

We pray that TCA’s heritage continues for generations. As we move forward, we are excited to announce an annual giving program at Trinity called the Heritage Fund. We strive to be wise stewards of all that God provides to and through Trinity. Every dollar given to the Heritage Fund goes directly to support the training of young people to one day become champions for Christ in their daily lives. Some of you may remember attending a TCA Heritage Banquet in years past. Mark your calendars for October 24, 2019 as the Heritage Banquet is returning!

Areas of Focus of the Heritage Fund:

  • Academics
  • Discipleship
  • Financial Aid
  • Fine Arts
  • Athletic Programming
  • Safety and Security
  • Technology Advancement

Helping Advance the Heritage. . .

Please consider being a part of TCA’s Heritage Fund in some way. No amount is too small, and all gifts are counted as blessings. More than anything, your prayers for Trinity and its Christ-centered mission are needed.

Our goal for this year’s Heritage Fund is $150,000. We are delighted to report that 100% of TCA’s Board and Administrative Team have already made donations. We have been blessed with an overwhelming response from our teachers and staff making personal donations to the Heritage Fund. What a sacrifice from those who already bless the school in countless ways. All of this support is a humbling reminder of the genuine desire for Christian Education. We invite you, our community, to participate in the Heritage Fund as we work to advance the heritage of Trinity Christian Academy. We believe that our goal of $150,000 can be exceeded this year through the Heritage Fund. All glory to God!

A Week of Giving. . .

This week, November 12 – 16, is dedicated as TCA’s Heritage Week of Giving. Click the button below to find out more information and easy steps on ways that you can join us in strengthening and continuing the heritage of Christian Education at TCA.