A native of Savannah, TN, Mrs. Jenni Moffett began her teaching career at Trinity in our
REACH Program six years ago. Jenni has a Masters in Education with fourteen years
teaching experience. She has extensive training in diversified learning instruction and
particularly in the Orton-Gillingham approach of instructional planning and teaching including
the neurology of reading and reading development.

Jenni is passionate about seeing the lives of our students transformed through Christian
education and believes that our REACH and LEAP Programs have a unique opportunity to do
just that with some of our most hard-working, creative, and talented students. Jenni is a TCA
mom and advocate for transformational education for all learners. She and the entire REACH
team are excited about supporting our families, students, and fellow educators with
excellence as we continue to prioritize REACH and LEAP’s outstanding ministries at TCA
now and in the future.